UTZ kapeh
We constantly endeavor to promote responsible production and sourcing of coffee, while working towards enhancing the social, environmental, managerial and economical conditions of coffee farmers.  UTZ Kapeh Certification, that we have acquired, is a significant step forward in our efforts to promote better returns for the grower community, and at the same time ensuring a product, in sync with the business needs of users.   In a beautiful and symbiotic representation of the earth, and its people, our coffee caregivers, are those who are born and brought up on the estates.  Naturally, they breathe coffee, live coffee and experience coffee in every way.

The UTZ Kapeh Code of Conduct is a recognized global "decency" standard for coffee, and production criteria for socially and environmentally appropriate growing practices, and efficient farm management.  This certification adheres to EurepGAP, the food production code and is subject to independent, third party auditing and certification.   It is our endeavor to advocate the concept of "healthy" coffee estates, and the people and the environment associated with it.

Fact File

  • First UTZ kapeh certified producer from India
  • First Arabica certified producer from Asia
  • Assurance of responsibly produced coffee
  • Recognition for responsible production and sourcing
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Market-oriented initiative
  • Credible approach
  • Global network of responsible growers and roasters

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