Indian Filter Coffee – Pure

Available as powder, fine ground in a medium fashion.

Shelf life 12 months

This 100 percent pure filter coffee, made from Arabica beans is handpicked from the hill slopes of Chikmagalur & Kodagu in South India. This is coffee at its ‘soothing’ best.

100 Percent

Available in 200 grams this filter coffee powder is truly invigorating

Shelf life 12 months

100 Percent is a complex blend of premium 100 percent Arabica beans, roasted to reveal a bold & full-bodied taste with caramel and chocolate to accentuate the flavors!

Our Plantations

It’s a part of our integral heritage, and intrinsically woven into our founder’s family inheritance! Take a sip...

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Our Curing Works

It’s about discipline and’s about running an efficient supply chain! Peep in...

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