Our Plantations
Coffee Day's passion is part of its heritage.  With well-maintained estates upto 4500 feet above sea level, we are the second largest holder of large coffee estates in India!

What’s special about coffee day estates?

  • First (and currently the only one) to be certified by the "UTZ Kapeh Foundation" for efficient farm management and full traceability.
  • Natural habitat for several varieties of flora and fauna.
  • Hosts to innumerable herbs, shrubs and trees like jackfruit, arecanut, orange, pepper and cardamom.
  • Grown under the dark shades of various forest trees like silver oak and Indian rosewood (to name a few)
  • Sharing of boundaries with forest reserves and wild life sanctuaries.
  • Home to a variety of species of wildlife from birds and hares to deer, bison, elephants, and even tigers!
  • All-essential aquatic support to the entire constitution, provided by Bhadra River and numerous natural streams.

Our Plantations

It’s a part of our integral heritage, and intrinsically woven into our founder’s family inheritance! Take a sip...

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Our Curing Works

It’s about discipline and integration....it’s about running an efficient supply chain! Peep in...

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