Indian Monsooned Coffee
Known across the world, as unique coffees processed in age-old traditions, the origins of "Monsooned Coffee" have the unique distinction of ‘just happening’!

When coffee was shipped from India to Europe, years ago, the humidity at sea changed the beans allowing it to acquire a distinct rich, mellow taste and a unique golden look… the Monsooned Coffee.  Today, this entire flavor and experience is recaptured by the special process of "monsooning".   Monsooning reforms the color and physical characteristics of cherry coffee.   Monsooning enhances the cup quality of cherry coffee. The fruity taste disappears and the liquor is soft, rich, velvety smooth and mellow with light acidity and a pleasant earthy flavor.

Our Plantations

It’s a part of our integral heritage, and intrinsically woven into our founder’s family inheritance! Take a sip...

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Our Curing Works

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