Single Origin High Altitude Coffees
The origin of Coffee in India…A gift from Saint Baba Budan

‘Kathlekhan’ in Kannada which means 'Dark Forest’, lies deep within Baba Budan Giri Mountains. India's love story with coffee was conceived more than 400 years ago, deep within these mountains. Legend has it that in the 17th century, Saint Baba Budan brought to India seven wonderful seeds, which he planted on the slopes of the Chandragiri Mountains, on his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The exact location of this cave is not clear, but most probably lies within the 1500 acres of the Kathlekhan estate.

Nestled amidst 100,000 acres of dense forests with panthers and tigers, and now identified the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, the estates have an aura of the unknown.   The backwaters of the Bhadra reservoir that surround the estate, elevate it to the position of one of the remotest coffee estates, and certainly, one of the largest coffee estates located as a single unit.

Coffee here is grown under the dark shades of various forest trees. The soil is rich in minerals; at 3700 feet and low temperatures, coffee beans mature slowly, incorporating subtle, sensual flavors as it ripens. The result is the single origin, shade grown, hand crafted, washed and bold green beans with a grayish hue. Dark Forest, launched at the India International Coffee Festival 2002, this is India's first single origin estate branded special coffee.

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