Our goal is to attract the best talent for the job available. With professionalism as one of the company’s core values, we look forward for a proper fit with domain expertise. We at Beverages strive to tap talent through diverse innovative approaches and aims to reach out to the best people for the job. We also look for core values like good corporate citizenship, customer relationship, quality focus and dignity of the individual, in potential candidates.

While we hold high expectations and require a strong level of commitment and dedication from our beverages team, we have a deep understanding of the need for a healthy work/life balance. It doesn't matter where or when you get your job done, just that you do it and do it well. As long as your reporting authority supports it and your job allows it.

We believe that people, who are with us, best understand our business and philosophy. Given this belief we would like to see our people grow to higher levels of responsibility and maturity. Being a young organization there is a large scope for growth and promotions. We are constantly on the look out for fresh talent and rewards outstanding performance consistently.

Our Plantations

It’s a part of our integral heritage, and intrinsically woven into our founder’s family inheritance! Take a sip...

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Our Curing Works

It’s about discipline and’s about running an efficient supply chain! Peep in...

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